Please park in the parking lot and do not block the emergency access in front of the clinic.

Your health is our priority and we are doing our best to arrange care for your essential medical needs

Making an appointment:

Appointments will either be virtual or in-person.

A patient's preference for either a virtual appointment or an in-person appointment will be accommodated, as feasible, and at the discretion of the each individual health care provider, depending on the medical conditions/reasons, preventive care needs, and/or chronic disease management.

Appointments will be scheduled, keeping the safety of patients and staff a priority, and following office protocols.

Guidelines for an in-person appointment

  • The clinic remains a mask-friendly environment
  • Masks will be available to anyone who chooses to wear one
  • Screening protocols remain in place for respiratory infections
  • Patients and visitors will no longer be required to remain masked at all times, EXCEPT for patients that screen POSITIVE
  • If patient/visitor feels unwell, they are encouraged to wear a mask
  • Parking - Do not block the Emergency Access in front of the clinic, use the parking lot.
  • Arrival Procedures
    • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment.
    • Enter the building, check in with Reception. 


    Please review the OMA/OTN virtual care disclaimer here


    DO NOT go to the Emergency Department at the hospital unless directed by one of our health care providers, or, you have severe, serious symptoms. Please understand, the Emergency Department is very busy and it is for your safety that visits to the Emergency Department are limited.