Prenatal Clinic (PNC)

Congratulations! You are pregnant!

If you're pregnant and looking for a fabulous collaboration of physicians to look after you and your baby, look no further than the Parry Sound Family Health Team's Prenatal Clinic for all of your care.

The PNC Team at the Parry Sound Family Health Team is here to ensure that all pregnant women in our area receive outstanding prenatal care and it is our commitment to provide a family doctor to anyone that is currently pregnant and followed in our Prenatal Clinic.

The Prenatal Clinic Doctors include:

  • Dr. Gibson
  • Dr. Hamby
  • Dr. Hollingsworth | Dr. Frere
  • Dr. Rietze
  • Dr. Warwick

 If your local Family Doctor practices Obstetrics:

  • You will be seen by them for your prenatal appointments until 30 weeks gestation. At 30 weeks gestation, you will be included in the PNC. Here you will be seen by each of our Prenatal Clinic Doctors on a rotating basis. The goal is to have you meet all of the Prenatal Clinic Doctors by the time you deliver. The Prenatal Clinic Doctor that is “on-call” the week that you deliver, will be your delivering doctor.

If your local Family Doctor DOES NOT practice Obstetrics:

  • You will be referred immediately to the PNC once your pregnancy has been confirmed during a visit to the office.

If your Family Doctor isn't local:

  • Your Family Doctor can refer you to the Prenatal Clinic by completing and faxing this PNC Referral form.

If you don't have a Family Doctor:

  • Please call our offices at 705.746.9382 or 705.746.2181, and ask to speak to the Prenatal Clinic Nurse.

 For more details, contact our offices:

  • Rugged Shores Family Health 705.746.2181
  • Medical Associates 705.746.9382




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