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Prenatal Program

October 2020


Prenatal Clinic 

We're excited to share some changes to our Prenatal Team here at the Parry Sound Family Health Team (PSFHT)!

In the past few months, we have said goodbye to some of our experienced and valued obstetrical physicians. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Drs. David Clarke, Tom Higgins, and Kathleen Moquin for their years of dedicated service to the moms & babes of our community. Collectively, they've done over 100 years of thorough prenatal visits, middle of the night deliveries, and compassionate newborn care. Their commitment to the maternal care in this community will be missed. Thank you again, Drs. Clarke, Higgins, and Moquin!

Luckily for Parry Sound and the surrounding area, we still have five skilled and enthusiastic physicians, together with our prenatal nurses and the team at WPSHC, providing obstetrical care. Drs. Alethea Anderson, Katie Gibson, Mara Hollingsworth, Keri Ladd, and Kim Warwick continue to share the duties of providing care to the pregnant and delivering mothers of our community. It is our goal to ensure all pregnant women in our area receive outstanding prenatal care and it is our commitment to provide a family doctor to anyone that is currently pregnant and followed in our Prenatal Clinic.

If you're pregnant and looking for a fabulous collaboration of physicians to look after you and your baby, look no further than the Parry Sound Family Health Team's Prenatal Clinic for all your care.